January 25th, 2019

It’s Friday everybody!

And tiiiiime for videos! Here we go.

MIB: Men In Blues

A delightful film trailer mashup.


“A stop-motion film ten years in the making, ‘Fabricated’ is a journey through an alien world which was once our own.”

Directed by Brett Foxwell. Some impressive work here.

Silent: A Short Film

“The story follows two street performers who dream of bringing their ‘Picture and Sound Show’ to life. When they discover a magical contraption inside an old theatre, they embark on a cinematic adventure of sight and sound to find the audience they always wanted.”

Beautifully executed.

10 Facts About Peanut Butter


Sent in by Sarah L. (who loves peanut butter!)

Have a great Friday and safe, relaxing weekend.

See you in a week.


January 18th, 2019

Welcome back to your Friday Videos everybody!

All set? Sitting comfortably? Good! Let’s begin…

Raining Blood – Slayer cover

From YouTubers and overall fun young musicians “Audrey and Kate” from Japan (nobody mentions which city.) You can also follow them on Twitter.

They learned how to play music by getting good at the XBox game “Rocksmith”.

This definitely made the rounds but is so, so worth it.

BMX But Not As You Know It | Home w/ Tim Knoll

“Tim Knoll’s incredible style of street riding has turned heads since he hit the consciousness of the BMX community at the start of this decade.”

Jesus, no kidding. Part BMX freestyle, part parkour.

Miley Cyrus with Temple of the Dog: Say Hello 2 Heaven

[self explanatory]

Cyrus can sing. No question.

A great performance.


“My focus lay in key-frame animation to mimic the intricate movements of a hand.”

Created by Jesper Lindborg. Well done.

There it is. Another Friday Videos in the log books.

Have a lovely Friday.


January 11th, 2019

Happy Friday!

It’s definitely cold where I live. Good thing we have these videos to keep us warm (with our hot chocolate… mmmmm…)

This is a 75% dog-filled Friday Videos, just fyi. It wasn’t planned. It’s just how it worked out.

To the (dog) Videos!

The History Behind Italy’s Ancient City of Glass

“For over a thousand years, the island of Murano—just outside Venice, Italy—has been known throughout the world for their exquisite glass manufacturing.”

Glass art is always amazing to me. It’s such a complex process, and super dangerous. Super great results.

my dog only responds to Harry Potter spells.

“I taught my puppy Remus dog tricks in the form of Harry Potter spells. Because of course I did.”

From the delightful Brizzy Voices.

Adoption Entrance Dance

“We get really excited about adoptions here at Nevada Humane Society, so we decided to put our spin on the famous JK Wedding Entrance Dance.”

Posted by the Nevada Humane Society, who seem like a swell bunch of humans.

WeRateDogs: The Dogs Of 2018

“Thank you to the greatest community out there.”

If you don’t already follow WeRateDogs on Twitter, you probably should. So good.

Bonus Video!

blank vhs covers were kinda beautiful

Lovingly animated by cryptic YouTuber 4096, whose other videos are also quite charming. Well done.

Have an excellent Friday everybody.

See you next week.


January 4th, 2019

It is January! Already. So fast.

And of course Friday, and time for some videos let’s go okay.

Studio Zimoun

Studio Zimoun

This artist / group creates large-room sound installations using a large number of small DC motors attached to some form of percussive point that strikes or manipulates an object to cause a room-sized audio environment.

The videos here don’t really get across what this probably sounds like in person, in terms of scale and room size, but they’re super interesting, and meticulously crafted.

h/t kottke.

Forged and Filed

A very, very intricate puzzle box.

How he even came up with the initial design is amazing to me.

Somewhat making the rounds.

In a Nutshell

“From a seed to war, from meat to love, from indifference to apocalypse. An attempt to capture the world in a nutshell.”

Beautifully conceived and animated.

Coach Hop – I Like Taylor Swift

“A motion design collaboration between Laurence Honderick and The Dink (AKA Sam Humphries).”

A fun, creative music video, with an okay song.

Sent in by Tessa H.

And that’s the first Friday Videos of 2019!

Thanks for playing along at home, and see you next week.