December 7th, 2018

Welcome to December Friday!

Over on the Friday Links I posted my 2018 Christmas Gift Guide. I can’t believe it’s already here. This year whizzed right by.

And now to the videos…

Giving Strangers A Christmas Morning

“I brought my living room to a street corner to share Christmas morning with strangers. We opened presents and shared their favorite Christmas memories. The holidays are not about presents, it’s about family!”

Or in this case, presents and family and a YouTube… stunt… thing.

Still a sweet idea.

Benedict Cumberbatch Teaches How to React to Bad Xmas Gifts

[self explanatory]

A tiny promo for the new Grinch movie, which looks pretty good.

The 25 Best Films Of 2018: A Video Countdown

It’s that time again…

The City of the Future Is Already Here

“In central Arizona there exists an experimental town called Arcosanti. It’s built on the principles of arcology, which combines architecture and ecology to envision a city that works in tandem with the Earth’s resources. In this short documentary, The Atlantic goes inside this distinctive urban space to understand how Arcosanti plans to reconstruct how humans envision cities.”

I found this interesting.

Bonus Video!

Playing All My Guitar Pedals At Once

“Ever wonder what 37 guitar stomp boxes sound like when played at the same time? Today I answer that age old question.”

I won’t spoil it for you.

From YouTuber “samuraiguitarist”, a.k.a. “Steve” from Winnipeg.

Thanks for playing along at home.

Happy Holidays, and see you next week.