November 2nd, 2018

Heyyyyy November!

Happy Friday!

It’s video time!

The Magic Moment

“The amazing paper engineer Peter Dahmen from Dortmund, Germany creates magical moving three-dimensional objects from only paper. He has turned his passion for paper engineering and pop-up cards into a full time career.”

These are stunning creations. Really beautiful.

CMYK Portraits

“CMYK Portraits drawn using an AxiDraw & Staedtler Triplus Rollerball Pens”

Learn more about the (expensive but super cool) AxiDraw here. (And I covet it.)

Moving Parts

A collection of micro-animated objects in one short video.

Created by animator Andrew B. Myers.

Quite detailed and intricate.

Cyriak: RIP

He’s back!

This is not Cyriak’s first appearance on the Friday Videos. So good.

And that’s what I have for you.

Please join me next week when I…. provide more videos to look at!

Happy Friday.