November 30th, 2018

Happy Friday!

And there goes November. Crazy.

Here are your Friday Videos!

Winter Night Longboard

“Third and final part of the triptych “Surfing the city”, three cruisings around Madrid in longboard. A winter’s night skating…”

Super fun!

An old one but new to me.

Space Station 20th: longest continuous timelapse from space

“Since the very first module Zarya launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome on 20 November 1998, the International Space Station has delivered a whole new perspective on this planet we call home.”

Making the rounds. Worth it.

Also: The InSight probe successfully and safely landed on Mars this week.

Sound in Hanna-Barbera

These cartoons gave rise to a pretty impressive sound effects collection that was used for many years after these cartoons were no longer in syndication.

This is great.

The Secret Record Label Within Waffle House

“While you’re chowing down on pecan waffles and grits, you might be treated to a sweet sweet serenade all about waffles, eggs or even raisin toast. The beloved restaurant chain has its own record label that creates songs unique to the Waffle House experience. Waffle Records has been releasing jams like “Cooking Up Your Order” and “Special Lady at the Waffle House” available at Waffle House jukeboxes across the U.S.”

I mean… they have their own line of merch as well.

Bonus Video!

Two Hundred and Seventy

270 white plastic garbage bags inflate and deflate in a sequential, very specific way.

Created by artist Nils Voelker.

Oddly calming…

It’s the end of November. Treat yourself. Only one month left in 2018. We’re almost through…

Have a great weekend everybody.


November 23rd, 2018

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to my American subscribers.

It’s Friday! And it’s Video time!

Let’s go…

Having Thanksgiving Dinner with North Koreans

“In this video North Korean defectors try a special Thanksgiving meal prepped by chef Ryan Phillips of Ryan Smokehouse in Seoul.”

If you want an example of gratitude, this is a good one.

The Chemical Brothers – Free Yourself

Directed by DOM&NIC.

20 years later they’re still making visually compelling music videos.


“Everyone knows the black and white photo of the Amsterdam canal with red bicycle from the IKEA ‘Vilshult’ series. The documentary ‘Vilshult’ tells the exceptional story behind IKEA’s famous Amsterdam poster.”

Make sure to use the closed captioning. It’s well translated.

Eric Chien 2018 Fism Grand Prix Act -Ribbon-

FISM stands for “Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques” (The International Society of Magic.)

This performance is really, really mind-blowing.

I feel certain the table is the real trick here.

It’s making the rounds and it’s worth every second.

Egg Breaking Machine with Egg Loader Machine – SANOVO OptiBreaker with OptiLoader


What a beast of a machine. It’s sort of hypnotic to watch.

Have a great (long) weekend everybody. Stay warm and be nice to each other.


November 16th, 2018

It’s Friday! And we’re mid-way through November.

That was fast. Yikes.

It’s video time!

A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves. – Marcel Proust


A fun little song and video. Part Devo, part Kraftwerk, part OK GO. Fun, melodic guitar pop with a weirdly mechanical delivery on the video.

I like.

More at the band’s website.

MK: Back and Forth

The main character in this dance music video is afflicted with non-stop groove. It’s hilarious and quite intricately shot.

You can purchase the track here.

The Big Island

“This video chronicles a short journey through the various terrains and astonishing landscapes of Hawai’i, one million years in the making.”

This video is extremely well shot and edited. So short, which makes it re-watchable.

Well done.

Drawing of a fried egg – How to draw 3D Art

[self explanatory]

By artist and frequent YouTuber Marcello Barenghi. Really beautiful work.

Happy Friday everybody. Have a great weekend.


November 9th, 2018

Happy Friday!

And welcome to your Friday Links.

Let’s go!

Unlimited Rice Pudding

Despite the weird title (which is explained in the video) this is an acerbic, funny, insightful video about how to prepare for time travel for the express purpose of being treated as a god. It’s dark, but also did I mention funny?

Created by YouTuber exurb1a, whose other videos are worth a look also. Well done.

Le gardien du temple – Toulouse acte2 scene1 : “Le réveil d’Astérion”

The Guardian Of The Temple is the latest show put together by an art troupe known as “La Machine” This is an operatic interpretation of the myth of Ariadne and is highlighted by a functional robotic Minotaur.

It’s really something. Beautifully conceived, epic in scale, lots of fire. Everything!

h/t Colossal.

The Filmmaker’s Voice: 2001: A Space Odyssey

“Kubrick took care to fashion every detail––the cast, sets, costumes, special effects, cinematography, lighting, opticals, miniatures, mimes in ape-suits––to produce visuals and sounds the viewer had never experienced before. And with such bold experiments come mixed reactions.”

“Wizard of Oz” Homecoming Assembly

It’s kind of FRANTIC how high-energy this performance is but it’s definitely entertaining.

Hip-hop choreography galore. Super well done.

We have arrived at the end.

I hope your weekend is fantastic.

See you next time around.


November 2nd, 2018

Heyyyyy November!

Happy Friday!

It’s video time!

The Magic Moment

“The amazing paper engineer Peter Dahmen from Dortmund, Germany creates magical moving three-dimensional objects from only paper. He has turned his passion for paper engineering and pop-up cards into a full time career.”

These are stunning creations. Really beautiful.

CMYK Portraits

“CMYK Portraits drawn using an AxiDraw & Staedtler Triplus Rollerball Pens”

Learn more about the (expensive but super cool) AxiDraw here. (And I covet it.)

Moving Parts

A collection of micro-animated objects in one short video.

Created by animator Andrew B. Myers.

Quite detailed and intricate.

Cyriak: RIP

He’s back!

This is not Cyriak’s first appearance on the Friday Videos. So good.

And that’s what I have for you.

Please join me next week when I…. provide more videos to look at!

Happy Friday.