April 27th, 2018

Well helloooooo Friday!

It is video time. Let’s go let’s go let’s go.

Ride A Bike 2018

“This an unbranded PSA for bike advocates and enthusiasts, content designed for anyone and everyone to share, remix, or tailor for their own purposes to promote cycling and transportation choices in their communities.”

It’s also a pretty bang-up job of editing.

Research at NVIDIA: AI Reconstructs Photos with Realistic Results

This is honestly an incredible demonstration. AI used to create features that are completely lost in a photograph. Or bits you don’t want there, replacing them naturally with what’s “behind” them.


It’s making the rounds.

RockyByun Balancing -making a square with bottles on the shaking frame

You know… “as one does”…

What an odd skill to have. I found this to be mesmerizing, and a little nausea-inducing. Pretty clever.

Sent in by Alison L.

Grocery Clerk Shows Cat Cuts of Meat at Deli Counter

This guy is far more choosy than my cat.


And there we go. Friday is all video’d up!

I hope your weekend is warm, and sunny, and good.

See you next week.


April 20th, 2018

It is Friday and there is nothing we can do about it. 🙂

Welcome! It’s time for your weekly video dosage.

Let’s begin…

Musicless Musicvideo / JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE – Say Something

I love these. This is also part-“shred”.


Sent in by Alison L.

Can this robot build an IKEA chair faster than you?

[self explantory]

A great idea!

1911 – A Trip Through New York City (speed corrected w/ added sound)

I wish more people had done this way, way earlier with very old silent footage. It changes completely how I perceive this film. People move like real people instead of the old-timey super-fast speed these have always been shown at.

It’s a lot of just “ordinary” footage, but at normal speed and with some clever sound effects editing, it really comes alive.

Now who’s going to colourize it? 😉

Seinfeld but instead of Jerry it’s Barry B. Benson

Barry being the lead character in Seinfeld’s 2007 animated feature “Bee Movie”.

Think of the effort this took.


Bonus Video!

1.000.000 Frames / Candice Drouet

One million individual frames from a variety of films.

Kind of fun to randomly pause.

Sent in by Emma S.

And there you have it. Friday Videos.

I hope your Friday is excellent, and warm, and relaxing.

See you in a week.


April 13th, 2018

Happy Friday! The thirteenth!

Tour of the Moon in 4K

Tour of the Moon in 4K

“…thanks to data provided by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft.”

Some great footage and analysis here. Sent along by many, many subscribers.

This virtual stuntman could improve video game physics

This virtual stuntman could improve video game physics

“It can kick. Punch. And even flip.

“UC Berkeley researchers created a virtual stuntman

“that could make computer animated characters more lifelike.”

So fascinating. I love the segment where they show it trying to practise. It made me spit water. 🙂

Much more information here.

Couch Wisdom: Questlove on J Dilla’s sampling technique

Couch Wisdom: Questlove on J Dilla's sampling technique

This segment just covers a tiny, tiny portion of beats created by Dilla. If you’re a fan, or a beats nerd, the full interview is 2 hours and I recommend it.

Never Just A Car

Never Just A Car

“Cars are everywhere in the movies. Why are filmmakers so obsessed with automobiles?”

Sort of making the rounds. It’s an interesting little piece about the choices and motivations for putting a specific car in a specific scene.

Thanks for watching along at home, Friday peoples!

Have a lovely weekend!


April 6th, 2018

Welcome…. To your Friday Videos.

Join usss…

Spaxels Lightpainting

“The Ars Electronica Futurelab is experimenting with long-time-exposure shots to create 3d-Models and animations in the sky.”

This must have taken some crazy planning and coordination. Well done.

This Artist Makes Incredible Sculptures Out of Fabric

“From Bergdorf Goodman and Givenchy to Sotheby’s — and across much of the internet — artist Benjamin Shine’s ethereal work with tulle has made him perhaps the foremost fabric sculptor in practice today.”

… I mean, I guess I just don’t *know* any other “fabric sculptors”… so… I guess… cool?

All kidding aside: this is beautiful work.

I’m Back® pro. Low cost 35mm digital Back by Samuel Mello Medeiros

This is a device you can use with your analog / film 35mm camera. It’s powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero, and allows your old film camera to take digital still photos.

What a great idea!

There have been pro-market “camera backs” for years but they all cost thousands of dollars. This one is around $300.

iPad Spirograph : LEGO Technic

YouTuber and apparently talented innovator Yoshihito Isogawa created this amazing contraption from Lego that draws geometric designs on an iPad screen.

Philcraft Penny Steam Engine

“Made by Phil Gravett in the UK, mounted on a 1962 penny.”

Because he can. 🙂 Pretty amazing. Unnecessary, but still amazing.

Thanks for playing along at home.

See you again next week.