March 2nd, 2018

Happy Friday!

It’s already March. Crazy! And where I am, it snowed. So… yay?

Here we go!

How Criterion Collection Brings Movies Back From the Dead

[self explanatory]

Vintage film distributor “Kino” used to have a great 10 minute video of how they restored classics like Metroplis and Nosferatu but they aren’t freely available online.

The process is laborious and painstaking, but the results are so good.

ChickenWatch: Is Tokyo Fried Chicken The Best In The World?

This is an episode of Buzzfeed’s new food series “ChickenWatch” and it is… uh… a little weird.

It’s funny, and it reminds me of Tim and Eric a little bit. There are several episodes. Choose wisely. ๐Ÿ™‚


“From an artistic point of view, the flowers are represented in the 4 seasons.”

Super Mario Bros. Ragtime Piano Medley – Scott Bradlee

Not purely ragtime, but super entertaining anyway. He covers a few levels. Really well played.

If HAL9000 was’s Alexa

[sort of self explanatory]

Suggested by James H.

Well that’s the end of that!

Thanks for following the Friday Videos. See you next week!