February 9th, 2018

Happy Friday!

What a week… I am ready for the weekend. I hope you are too.

Video time!

Photographing the Real Life of Bees

“National Geographic asked photographer Anand Varma to work on a story about honey bees. What he came up with is a work of art.”

The Pinball Doctors: The Last Arcade Technicians in NYC

“Pinball was once an American obsession. Now, the arcade classic is making a comeback, but the repair technicians skilled enough to repair these complex machines are limited.”

This kind of work gives me a pain my stomach a little bit. It’s a dying industry but there are a tiny handful of people who still know this stuff. Interesting, and a bit obsessive.

Worlds Largest Lego Wooden Roller Coaster – Passenger view – 4 rounds

Which I guess begs the question: what was the largest Lego wooden roller coaster before this one? Crazy

More info here.

Human Fountains

[self explanatory]

With no further information.

Bonus Video!

Vandal caught on camera (with play-by-play)

“On Wednesday, January 31, 2018, KIRO Radio captured surveillance footage of a vandal trying to break in to one of our employee’s vehicles in our parking lot. While the suspect is still at large, we took the liberty to have John Curley give his play-by-play of the incident.”

This is great. Also: ouch. Making the rounds already. Fantastic.

And there we go! Friday! Videos!

Friday Videos!

See you all in a week.