December 29th, 2017

Here we are: the last Friday of 2017.

And we’re still alive, and in one piece. Right?

And! There are these videos.

‘Rick And Morty’ Theme Song as Jazz Piano – Scott Bradlee

[self explanatory]

Initially: Ragtime. Not what I expected!

A great interpretation.

No Other Way To Say It

A “short comedy about a voiceover actor trying to nail the right tone for a pair of indecisive ad creatives selling a fictitious children’s ice cream brand. Or is it a short tragedy about a pair of ad creatives trying to coax the right tone out of a distracted voiceover actor?”

I’ve worked on these kind of ad sessions. While this is funny, it is also very, very true.

It reminds me of this clip from WKRP.

70 People from 70 Countries Imitate Americans

[self explanatory]

“The most predominant impression is of the American Valley Girl accent. The American men accent resembled a surfer bro.”

This is amazing.

Mayorkun – Mama | Reis Fernando Choreography (Dance video)

So good!

Sent in by Alexis S.

Bonus Video!

How Does Santa Use Big Data?

“Lisa Singh, professor of Computer Science, discusses how Santa and super computer Watson can determine what someone wants for Christmas.”

Pretty great. A very 2017 video. 🙂

And there we go! Videos! For your final Friday of 2017.

Have a happy New Year everybody!

See you all in seven days.