December 22nd, 2017

It’s the Friday before Xmas and allll through the house…

Videos! At least for the next little while.

Here we go.

DJ Cummerbund – I Will Jump

“Hey this is something I made for Christmas.”

Gloria Gaynor + Van Halen / some pitch corrections = ?!?!!?

You’re welcome. 🙂

Dear Satan

A spelling mistake sends a child’s letter to Santa to uh… the wrong recipient.

Note: slightly nsfw language, which is a shame since it could be a great children’s video otherwise.

Narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart. Lovely.

STAR WARS 4.7: Skywalker vs Starkiller. Movie Mashup.

A great piece of editing.

Hurry before the lawyers, etc.

Amazon shopping list on Alexa, by Petra the African Grey. Who really just wants a peanut

Long-winded title aside, this is among the dangers of having a smart device in your home that’s connected to a shopping site by default. 🙂

There are other videos of Petra playing with Amazon Echo. Like this one.

Bonus Video!

Cycling : LEGO Technic

Created by YouTuber and Lego Technic master Yoshihito Isogawa

He has several other such whimsical lego creations.

Also I don’t know if any of you have seen any of the Actors on Actors videos posted by Variety, but there are several really good interviews there. I recommend this one, for starters. They’re engrossing and fascinating.

Recommended for sure.

And that’s that: Friday Videos.

Have a great, great holiday everybody. See you in seven days.