December 15th, 2017

Hello Friday Video folks.

Are you ready? All strapped in?

Here we go…

DJ Earworm Mashup – United State of Pop 2017 (How We Do It)

He’s baaaaaack.

Star Wars Theme covered by calculators

[self explanatory, sort of.]

This definitely took some prep.

Dinner With A Murderer

“A short film about three dimwitted friends who reunite with a murderer they grew up with.”

A really well produced, witty short film.

Sent in by Jessica R. (and making the rounds.)

GoPro Awards: Seagull Theft – With Telemetry in 4K

“On the coast of Norway, Kjell Robertsen uses some bread to get some GoPro close-ups of seagulls. Over 5 months later he found his camera so we can all see what happens when you accidentally make a seagull drone.”


There have been many of these “camera thief” wildlife videos but never with this kind of data analytics overlaid on it.

So good!

Bonus Video!

How to Hijack Amazon Prime Now for Good

YouTuber Rob Bliss decided to use Amazon Prime to deliver goods to homeless people. This is a heartwarming video. I love it.

There you go! Now you’re all set for your Friday Night.

Have a great Friday everybody!