August 4th, 2017


Already. And it’s Friday of course!

Who’s ready for some videos? Yes you are!

The Real Life Wiseguy Behind Goodfellas

An interview with Henry Hill, the real wiseguy from the book that inspired the movie Goodfellas. Some great interviews with the actors and others about the casting process.

Major Lazer: Know No Better

Major Lazer: Know No Better

An interactive video for Major Lazer’s new single. You simply click the screen to see the dream version or reality version.

A fun video!

Ancestor of Castella, Kasdos

a.k.a.: Castella Sponge Cake.

More info here. They look great!

h/t: The Kid Should See This.

3D printing a home for under $10,000

“This is the first residential house 3D-printed onsite with a mobile printer. It only took 24 hours and costs $10,134.”

Much more info here.

Bonus Video!

Operator Toll Dialing Instructions – 1949 Educational Documentary

“Bell System instructional film for telephone operators, showing how to perform dialing operations.”

All of this is performed by computers and network systems today.

Enjoy the rest of your fabulous Friday everybody!