July 14th, 2017

Who’s ready for some Friday Videos???

Yes you are! Yes you are!

Here we go

hi, i’m steve

An odd little animated short created by Bill Wurtz

UW researchers create realistic video from audio files alone

“In this example, the team created realistic videos of Obama speaking in the White House, using the audio file from a television talk show and during an interview decades ago.”

This is mind-blowing.

More info here. White paper on this research here.

MNSTWNSS (Two.H & Hiss) | Untitled

“Enjoy the Vice Grand Beatbox Battle Champ with his fresh new beats after his two year military break where he could bring his entire style to a whole new level.”

Beatbox battles. Now a thing. 🙂

Pretty great though!

Animal watching – Video installation on trees by Maizz Visual

“Video Installation presented at Marvin Festival 2017 which transformed the trees of Parque España, Mexico City, into huge 3D animal motion faces.”

Haunting and beautiful.

Bonus Video!

Lego Zoetrope Mechanical Animation Device

Brilliant! How has nobody thought to do this before?

And there you go!

Have a great, hot, enjoyable July weekend.