May 26th, 2017

Friday again. Videos again!

Here goes…

Kung Fu Remix

The latest from Eclectic Method, who have appeared here before.

This has an old-school hip-hop vibe. I like it!

THE MAGIC MOMENT – Peter Dahmen The Amazing Paper Artist!

Peter Dahmen, ladies and gentlemen.

Some great work here. It all looks impossible but he shows you exactly how he creates these unique paper sculptures.

Fidget Spinners: The Toy That Changed America

A faux-documentary done in the style of Ken Burns.

Well done. 🙂

A Continuous Shape

“We spent 3 weeks working alongside Anna Rubincam a contemporary stone carver working in London as she carved a portrait from start to finish.”

So great!

Bonus Video!

Casting Remix with Ross Marquand

Some pretty great choices here. Worth it for the John Malkovich alone.

Fun fact: This is the guy who played Aaron on The Walking Dead. He’s great.

And there ya go! NOW you can have your weekend. Right?

Have a great evening everybody.


May 19th, 2017

It is Friday.

Let us begin.

A Taste of New York

“In September 2016 we visited this awesome city to try out some new time lapse stuff.

“It took us 10 days, a lot of burgers and one helicopter ride to produce this video. 10 days is very little time to discover this city of endless opportunities, so we hardly slept anything and shot day and night for this time lapse film. The city that never sleeps indeed!”

Created by FilmSpektakel.

Star Trek: Legacy

“A 22 minute Recut of ‘Star Trek-The Motion Picture’ set to Daft Punk’s modern original score for ‘Tron: Legacy’.”

This is a case where scoring can make allll the difference. 🙂

Girls on Film

“Officially known as color-timing control strips, these anonymous female film studio workers were affectionately dubbed “china girls” by the industry. The images in this show were meant only for use by the processing lab to match color tones in the associated film.”

Much more information here.


“In the year 1957 the cold war expands to space. The Soviet-Union sends Sputnik as the first manmade object into earth-orbit.

“2 years later Yuri Gagarin enters space as the first man in space. The so called ‘Space Race’ seems to be decided.

“But in 1961 President Kennedy promised to send American Astronauts to the moon.”

This is beautifully conceived (and making the rounds).

Bonus Video!

Potato House

“I have altered my house to dispense potatoes and potato products from various holes”

Yes. Yes he has.

And there we go.

Happy Friday everybody!


May 12th, 2017

Well would you look at that? For Pete’s sake it’s Friday!

Well don’t just sit there let’s look at the videos, holy Hannah!

[adjusts tie…]

Here we go.


“This is a companion piece to my Fall time-lapse from a few years ago. I wanted it to be the polar opposite of the first one. Not just the Fall vs Spring. But wide shots vs close ups, everything in focus vs shallow depth of field, very cuty vs one shot, contemporary music vs classical, static camera vs moving camera.”

For comparison, here is Fall.

His work is very accomplished. Great composition. Stillness. I love it.

Yuasa Town: The Birthplace of Soy Sauce

“Yuasa, a small coastal town in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, is a fishing port and the producer of one of Japan’s most well known mandarin oranges, the Arida mikan. But a stroll through the traditional streets, including the only stretch of the famous Kumano Kodo pilgrim route that runs through the center of a town, takes you back to an age before westernization, when Yuasa was a vibrant hub of gastronomy in Japan. For it was here, in the 13th century, that soy sauce as we know it was first established and produced, and even now the streets are rich with the smells of fermenting soy sauce, still produced exactly the same way it was more than 750 years ago.”

Love it.

Willy wonka on saxophone and drums

A live interpretation of dialogue via jazz instrumental.

Much like harmonizator, but a lot more fierce with the drums and sax.

LEGO Printer

“This is a printer built using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 set (31313). It uses a gel pen to draw text at different sizes and the EV3 logo, but I plan to expand it in the future to print more things, as well as process input to print on demand.”

Technically this is a “plotter”, but either way: fantastic!

Bonus Video!

Musicless Music Video: a-ha – Take On Me

This sort of reminds me of the movie Delicatessen for the way the characters non-verbally express themselves. (And / or several old NFB animated shorts.)

Great stuff.

And there they are. Look at them! Your Friday Videos! 🙂

We’ll be back next week. In the meantime have a great weekend!


May 5th, 2017

Hello and welcome.

We’re happy to see you.

And show you these… videos…

Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans/With Illicit Help From Your Friend

Youtubers “Palette-Swap Ninja” ladies and gentlemen.

Take Beatles Sgt. Pepper songs, rewrite them to exist in the Star Wars universe, then cut together videos using Star Wars footage. This (and all the other videos in this series) is making the rounds and for very good reason.

There’s one for each track of the album. Think about how long this took to accomplish!

Nerd note: Legally, this is “fair use” since it falls under both parody and also reinterpretation, but Disney / Lucasfilm / lawyers will probably still pull it down, so enjoy while you can.

[Hat tip: kottke]

Samuel Barber – Adagio for Strings

“With the recent events that have happened in society, it has really taken a toll on me mentally/emotionally. My heart is hurting and there’s nothing I can really say. So since music is the thing I know best I figured I’d just play.”

Performed, eloquently, by “ThatCelloGuy“, aka Cremaine Booker.

I have always loved this piece and his arrangement here is sublime.

Mr. Booker is an accomplished musician and is mid-blowing-up on Youtube and elsewhere. Definitely worth a deeper dive.

Hand engraving from start to finish Skull and Scrolls Lincoln Cent

From engraver Shaun Hughes. This is long, and indepth, and features opera overtures as the backing music, but holy crap: the detail and the creativity of this work is mind-blowing.

Amazing Roller Coaster Model Shooting Star

Roller coaster model being built for Entertrainment Junction in West Chester, OH. Part of a 1/2″ scale model of the old Coney Island amusement park once located near Cincinnati, OH on the Ohio River.

Created by YouTuber Adam Throgmorton.

There are also 2 longer videos that show this setup in greater detail.

Bonus Video!

Lecaudé – Circles

Elliot Schulz creates turntable slipmats which feature zeotrope animations. He’s made a few custom ones for specific musical artists. More info here.

These are wonderful.

Well that about wraps it up for this week’s Friday Videos.

Get out there and do something creative! And Happy Friday!