April 28th, 2017

Welcome to Friday!

And to your Friday Links!

And almost to May!

Here we go…

Eleanor Rigby Trap Tap

Performed expertly by Las-Vegas-based musician Charles Rangel who definitely has other worthy performances.

Nicely done.

Sent in by Ana S.-F.

La Chica: Be Able

A really intricatlely conceived music video. Beautifully realized.

Hollywood’s Greatest Trick

“Visual effects artists are responsible for some of the most iconic moments in movie history. The top 10 highest grossing films of 2016 all contained computer generated imagery. But while Hollywood’s profits grow, visual effects artists struggle for fair pay, representation and recognition beyond the most prestigious award in film — an Oscar.”

A must-watch, in my opinion. Some massively talented people are being worked to death by these companies.

Train vs. Robot – Main Application

Mechanical engineering student Christian Schürch created this application / demonstration and it’s making the rounds. This is the robot he wrote the program for. Pretty amazing.

Slightly more information (and ten minutes of this looping track reconstruction) available here.

Bonus Video!

A Girl Obsessed With Sloths Gets Surprised With A Sloth

Meet Stephanie, who really, really, really loves sloths.

This video is gold.

[See also: Kristin Bell on Ellen c. 2012.]

These have been your Friday Videos!

See you again next week (next month!)