April 14th, 2017

Friday! Yesssss.

And it’s video time!

Building a Cedar Strip Canoe (Full Montage)

“This video is a montage of an 18-video canoe building series I spent 8 months making in 2016.”

Wow this is so much amazing work.

New York City in 1993 in HD – DTheater DVHS Demo Tape

“Captured from a D-Theater HD DVHS Demo Tape by Techmoan

I know: what the hell is D-Theater? WikiPedia says it was “a digital video recording format developed by JVC” (and others) which was really the first to allow high-definition video recording and playback.

This is great!

Revology Cars Reproduction 1966 Mustang – Coyote powered

Revology is a company that manufactures “brand new” 1966 Mustangs. They licensed the metal stampers from Ford, and engaged a lot of manufacturers to create the custom parts needed, and now for a price you can buy a spankin’ new 1966 Mustang. It’s a crazy idea but I kind of love it.

Ghost In The Shell – Reel

Created by Ash Thorp (one single person…?)

He’s also done cgi effects and direction work for a bunch of other movies. His work is pretty amazing.

Bonus Video!

The World’s Only Scaled Mammal Is ADORABLE

“There’s no mammal in the world quite like the tree pangolin. Covered in reptilian-like scales that protect it from predators in the wild, the pangolin will curl into a ball when threatened.”

Pangolins! Who knew? (I did not.)

And these have been your Friday Videos!

Have a great (long?) weekend everybody.