November 25th, 2016

Happy US Thanksgiving everybody!

Or I guess Black Friday (which is today.)

Here are your Friday Videos!

Subway performer stuns crowd with Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”- Chicago, Il- Blue Line, Washington S

Ladies and Gentlemen: Ashley Stevenson!

YouTuber Bo Rodda writes “On my way home from work tonight I saw one of the best performances I have ever seen- anywhere. This young women playing “Landslide” absolutely stunned the entire crowd which erupted into applause as the train arrives.”

100% agreed. Fantastic.

There are several more videos of Ms. Stevenson on the Chicago metro lines, often shot by transit passengers.

She should get an agent. For real.

The Awkward Teen Years of CGI (Movie Trailer Mashup)

I remember feeling like this wasn’t that good when they first came out, but especially compared to the state of current CGI, these look terrible.

Dad Tries to Copy Daughter’s Gymnastic Moves

[self explanatory]


hx-01: preview clip 1

A six minute preview sneak-peek section from my upcoming video ‘HX-01′”

here is a nearly-completed kickstarter for this project, which is described as an “Eye warping journey through infinitely patterned space and grid time.”

That might be interesting on a really large screen. Hmmm…

Bonus Video!

I could really use a wife sometimes.

This is YouTuber Aaron McAvoy briefly singing “Cotton-Eye Joe” with the rhythmic assistance of a washing machine.

606k views! Amazing.

These have been your Friday Videos for November 25th, 2016.

Thanks for following along at home!

See you again in seven days.