October 28th, 2016

Hello Friday Fans!

Ready for videos? Yeah?

Here goes!

ARCTIC: Visual Vibes

YouTuber Ben Brown was invited by astronaut Chris Hadfield to photograph the arctic.

The results are poetic, haunting, and beautiful.

Sountrive [GOKO BANE]

This is making the rounds. If you have an OCD bone in your body, this will be immensely satisfying.

The soundtrack is pretty good too.

See also, Destiny Vitalis.

A Stranger Things Christmas

Merry Christmas, Will Byers.

In the style of It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas, of course.

Making the rounds. Sweetly rendered.

Working with Jigsaw

“Didn’t they do a background check?”


Nicely done. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Hallowe’en!

Bonus Video!

Bill Murray Crashes White House Press Briefing Room To Talk Baseball

Because of course he did!


Well I can’t top that, so there are your Friday Videos everybody.

See you next week.