September 16th, 2016

At last: Friday. Friday afternoon (where I am.) And almost autumn.

This looks like a job for videos!

Fury Road: Crash and Smash

This is pre-production footage presented without any CGI.

(So: pretty much the same way he shot all of Road Warrior back in 1981.)

Just incredible. 🙂 George Miller: he takes risks!

Tame Impala: Eventually

This video consists of footage of Kubrick’s 2001, set to this quite excellent song from Tame Impala.

So great…

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 1916 – 2016

A great CGI historical view of this airport.


“Life is good down on the farm until things start getting fat.”

Funny! Really well done. Great characterizations.

Bonus Video!

Stranger Things Theme Song – Live on Hardware Synths – Arp Odyssey, Korg Volcas, Electribe, KingKorg

A live performance by the band Wandertalk.

Such simple music but so well executed. By the way the soundtrack for Stranger Things has also recently been covered by Tangerine Dream (!) Pretty fantastic.

Enjoy your weekend everybody!