August 26th, 2016

Welcome back, video friends.

It’s the last Friday in August. That feels really fast.

And we have videos!

laughing and not being normal

A 37-minute documentary on Grimes.

I really like Grimes. This is a great little summary of how she got to now.

Lego: The Shape of Imagination

Created by ad agency Ogilvie Asia. How does one even begin to design something like this?! Mind-blowing.

Nick and Griffin Play — CAR BOYS, Episode 1

This is part of a series of videos put up by what I assume are beta testers of this game. Their banter is what makes this video (and all the others) so great.

Funny! The game looks like a pretty great stress-reliever also.


This is a wildly animated hyperlapse of NYC. I have no idea how they achieved some of the shots included here. Fantastic.

I found the music annoying but ymmv.

Bonus Video!

Reflections of HAL and Samantha

A cleverly-edited dialogue between “2001”‘s Hal and “Her”‘s Samantha.

Making the rounds. Well done.

And there we go! Videos. Sorted.

Enjoy your last weekend of August 2016 everybody!


August 19th, 2016

Ahhhh Summer.

It’s slowly fading away but I still love it.

And it’s video time!


“In the aftermath of a deadly haunting in a small suburban home, a sinister omnipresent entity proceeds to cause havoc in the private lives of a young boy, an unsuspecting teen, and an absent minded inspector.”

So yes: this is a bit scary / suspenseful.

From Vimeo creator Santiago Menghini. Nicely done.

Cocktails & Dreams – OFFICIAL

Created by YouTube-er Mike Upchurch, who takes existing movies or TV shows and inserts all-new characters into them.

I lol’d

See also: San Francisco 1906, with Ron Lynches.

A Look Inside Canon’s CPS Depot at the Brazil Olympics

“The largest Canon equipment collection you may ever see.”

(Note: CPS = Canon Professional Services)

No kidding! Yikes.

Disney’s Practical Guide to Path Tracing

This is awesome, if a little technical. Modern 3d animation techniques presented in the old-timey 1940’s style of the original Disney shorts.

Sent along by Aaron S.

Bonus Video!

Why the Wingdings font exists

[self explanatory]

Interesting! (To me.)

And there we go. Friday! Videos! Together again!

See you in a week everybody.


August 12th, 2016

Welcome to a very hot August Friday.

And now it is video time…

Rick and Morty Mini-Episode

Improvised during a New York Magazine interview.

I love this show. 🙂 The new season debuts sometime before the end of the year. Can’t wait.


“This is a short film showing the process of the detail paint work on the conservation of the original U.S.S. Enterprise miniature, used in all 79 episodes of the original Star Trek television series.”

This took some considerable effort. Well done.

Baby, This Song Is For You

“You do know these songs are literally about babies, right?”

Making the rounds. Funny! (And a little creepy.)

Matt Mulholland: Teenage Dream

This video is quite old, but I’d never seen it before, and it’s entertaining. Plus I mean… that shirt… yes.

Bonus Video!

Cat Olympics 2016

I know what you’re thinking: At last!

I think my little dude would probably be a good competitor.

This concludes your Friday Videos for August 12th.

Good Day Sir!


August 5th, 2016

Happy August Friday! And happy first day of the Rio Olympics.

It is video time. Who’s with me? [scans the room…]

Here we go.

The Influences and References of Wes Anderson

[self explanatory]

Well edited. Interesting…

Once In A Blue Moon

“On the 31st of July I captured the rise of the Full Blue Moon in Aquarius. It was a beautiful sight to witness & lucky for me to capture in a time lapse.”


Kite Fight

“In the crowded favelas of Rio de Janeiro, flying kites is more than a leisurely escape: It’s also a playful form of battle.”

Note: NOT an Olympic sport. 😉

Sent along by Gina L.


There have actually been a couple new videos of carefully guided tours of Pyongyang, lately, which makes me wonder if this is suddenly a thing or if they’ve been happening for a while.

This ~15 minute video is definitely interesting. It’s like taking a time machine to the late 1950’s, but not necessarily in a good way.

Bonus Video!

Kanye West’s Favorite Noises

[self explanatory]

“Uh” remains my favorite (and keeps returning to his arsenal…)

And there you have it: Friday Videos, sorted.

See you in a week Video fans.