July 8th, 2016


Videoooos!!! 🙂

Here we go…

Cassius: The Missing

Cassius: The Missing

This is actually an interactive video by Paris-based dance group Cassius where you can change any actor by clicking on them during the video. Huge effort appears to have gone into making this. Great song as well. (Cassius have always been great!)


The description is heavy on the technical aspects (and ultra-hi-rez-ness) of this video, but the content and composition is why I included it here. Richly beautiful.

But yes: camera tech definitely is crazy-advanced right now.

Cyriak: 7 Billion

I’ve posted Cyriak videos previously, and even years later, he still makes fascinating, creepy, bizarre animations. I love it.

Tornado in a Jar – Oliver’s Science Lab

His dialogue is pure gold.

Sent in by Melissa L.

Bonus Video!

Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion

No: it is not a band name (yet.)

That is so wild. I’ve watched this video numerous times and it feels so… odd. I like it.

It’s also making the rounds, but I like it.

These have been your Friday Videos! Brought to you by me.

Happy Friday everybody!