July 1st, 2016

It’s the first Friday in July and we need videos STAT!

Go go go go go!

The Floating Piers by Christo & Jeanne-Claude

This art installation in Lake Iseo, Italy has been making the rounds. It’s pretty breathtaking.

Smithsonian Magazine has a great piece on this work. Awesome.

Something Good (Will Come From That)

“100 years of moving pictures about Holmes and Watson.”

Cleverly edited.

Cooking Steaks & Baking Cookies in the Arizona Summer

Steaks: via the pavement.

Cookies: via the dashboard of a car in the sun.

Yikes. No thanks.

The World’s biggest bonfire! Slinningsbålet 2016

“Residents of the Norwegian town of Alesund built a world record-breaking 155.5 feet tall bonfire for their traditional midsummer festival on June 25.”

Yikes! That would be amazing to see in person, though.

Bonus Video!

Three Piano Dudes Boogie Woogie The Airport

[self explanatory]

I personally think this video is too short. 🙂

Sent in by Courtney L.

There we go! Your Friday Videos, done.

Now get out there and Friday it up!

See you next week.