July 29th, 2016

Welcome back to Friday, and the end of July.

Is it video time? Ooooh you betcha.

Without planning to, the theme of this week’s videos appears to be “NYC”. Here we go.

Day In The Life: NYC Ice Cream Truck Operator

Produced by Gothamist.

Pretty great. 🙂


“NYC FLOW is an exploration of video processing technics introduced by neural-style code.”

The sequence of trends we’ve seen in videos / image processing goes: Tilt/shift, Drones, and now neural networks. (You see this kind of thing in the new and very popular Prisma app as well.)

This video is breathtaking. Imagine how long this would have taken to achieve by hand. Amazing.

Jerry’s Map

There is no description for this video, but it depicts a really involved map of the world that one man is painting bit by bit, and then occasionally upgrading. He’s been working on it since 1963 (!)

It’s complicated, but really beautiful and interesting.

Seventy Years of Los Angeles, Then and Now

From the New Yorker. The careful attention to pacing and camera angle here is impressive. That and: look at how different it all is. 🙂

Bonus Video!

The Birth Of A Weapon. Part I. English longbow making.

Created by “bowyer” Maris Zvers (And “bowyer” is a word I had not heard before.)

Any maker video which includes the term “three years later” has my attention. 🙂

And so like… there it is. That’s all of the videos. We’re all out. Done.

Enjoy your final July weekend. (Where I am, it’s a long weekend. Huzzah!

See you in seven days.


July 22nd, 2016

Another hot, steamy, awesome Friday!

And, lookit, we got some videos over here!!!

Here we go…

New Agrobot Harvester

This is the first fully automated strawberry harvester. I for one welcome our robot overlords.

Bells – How Do They Do It?

“…  find out how bronze bells are made at the Eijsbouts bell foundry.”

That this is still a thing in 2016 kind of blows my mind.


“I had three goals this spring: Get a tornado on time-lapse, capture the best footage I possibly could, and chase as much as my schedule would allow. That ended up totalling 18 chase days. 20,000 miles driven. Almost 60,000 time-lapse frames shot. Nine total states. Hours and hours and hours of editing. All between April 15th and June 15th.”

No kidding. Some impressive work here.

Creating A Cathedral Of Light Inside A Gas Tank

“The large-scale projection installation features 21 powerful projectors streaming mind-bending graphic patterns on over 20,000 square meters of space in Oberhausen, Germany’s massive gasometer.”

Beautiful. Massive effort. Amazing.

Bonus Video!

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Believe it or not this is from a forthcoming game from Stockholm-based Landfall Games.

I kind of want to try it. It looks ridiculous!

And so like… there we go, right?

See you next week.



July 15th, 2016

Welcome to Mid-July! Soak up the super hot sun while you can…

And now: it’s Friday Video time!

Game of Thrones Beginner’s Guide: Uncensored (HBO)

Let Samuel L. Jackson catch you up on the whole story. He makes it sound far less complicated, that’s for sure.

Sent in by numerous subscribers.

The Big Lebowski Was Inspired By This Real Dude Jeff Dowd

[self explanatory]

Huh! I had no idea. He’s an interesting guy, that much is for sure.

The Was

The Was

Soda Jerk vs. The Avalanches.

You may not be aware but The Avalanches recently released a new album entitled Wildflower which is quite good.

Michael Cera’s DVD Picks – The Criterion Collection

Delightful. There are several of these celebrity DVD picks on the Criterion Collection channel, as well as several trailers of their comprehensive restoration releases.

Bonus Video!

Some Kind Of Quest

“…a film that invites you into the singular world of Northlandz, a 52,000-square-foot model train installation just 75 minutes outside of Manhattan, and into the ornery mind of the man—and steadfast wife—who brought it all to life.”

Holy… crap. The attention to detail is insane. There is also a website.

This has been your Friday Videos with your host, Me!

See you again next week, Friday Folks!


July 8th, 2016


Videoooos!!! 🙂

Here we go…

Cassius: The Missing

Cassius: The Missing

This is actually an interactive video by Paris-based dance group Cassius where you can change any actor by clicking on them during the video. Huge effort appears to have gone into making this. Great song as well. (Cassius have always been great!)


The description is heavy on the technical aspects (and ultra-hi-rez-ness) of this video, but the content and composition is why I included it here. Richly beautiful.

But yes: camera tech definitely is crazy-advanced right now.

Cyriak: 7 Billion

I’ve posted Cyriak videos previously, and even years later, he still makes fascinating, creepy, bizarre animations. I love it.

Tornado in a Jar – Oliver’s Science Lab

His dialogue is pure gold.

Sent in by Melissa L.

Bonus Video!

Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion

No: it is not a band name (yet.)

That is so wild. I’ve watched this video numerous times and it feels so… odd. I like it.

It’s also making the rounds, but I like it.

These have been your Friday Videos! Brought to you by me.

Happy Friday everybody!


July 1st, 2016

It’s the first Friday in July and we need videos STAT!

Go go go go go!

The Floating Piers by Christo & Jeanne-Claude

This art installation in Lake Iseo, Italy has been making the rounds. It’s pretty breathtaking.

Smithsonian Magazine has a great piece on this work. Awesome.

Something Good (Will Come From That)

“100 years of moving pictures about Holmes and Watson.”

Cleverly edited.

Cooking Steaks & Baking Cookies in the Arizona Summer

Steaks: via the pavement.

Cookies: via the dashboard of a car in the sun.

Yikes. No thanks.

The World’s biggest bonfire! Slinningsbålet 2016

“Residents of the Norwegian town of Alesund built a world record-breaking 155.5 feet tall bonfire for their traditional midsummer festival on June 25.”

Yikes! That would be amazing to see in person, though.

Bonus Video!

Three Piano Dudes Boogie Woogie The Airport

[self explanatory]

I personally think this video is too short. 🙂

Sent in by Courtney L.

There we go! Your Friday Videos, done.

Now get out there and Friday it up!

See you next week.