June 3rd, 2016

Friday. June! Hot (where I am.)

That’s a trifecta!

But wait! There are videos!

Here we go…


Youtuber barnabydixon creates and deftly coreographs a really lovely hand puppet. Very talented. It’s making the rounds but it’s certainly worth more views for sure.

Pong Project

Daniel Perdomo decided to build a physical, mechanical version of the retro videogame Pong, and the results are extremely impressive. He has a lot of comments from people wanting to buy one. Amazing.

Making the rounds. Worth it.

Hiking Kjerag Rocks

This is drone footage of several friends base-jumping cliffs in “Kjerag, located in the far en of the 44km long Lysefjord in Forsand, Norway.”

Well done. May not be for the faint of heart. (Heights) Wow.

Florence + The Machine sings with Hospice Austin teen

Just fantastic.

The non-profit Hospice Austin put this together. You should probably donate to them.

Bonus Video!

Flying eagle point of view #1

[self explanatory]

Note: Heights. Again. It’s only a minute and a half but it is worth every second.

Now go on, It’s Friday out there! ๐Ÿ™‚

See you next week!