May 27th, 2016

It is Friday, and where I am: it is finally warm outside. (Hot, even!)

So hooray for Friday! It must be time for some…


Drone Star Wars

Some amazing, amazing work from some clearly very talented drone pilots. Wow. Not bad as filmmaking goes either. Well done!

Tufts Commencement 2016: Hank Azaria Voices

Hank Azaria does several voices for the Simpsons, and chose to use some of them during his commencement address at Tufts University. Just great.

City of West Hollywood Automated Parking Garage

[self explanatory]

The future! It’s (sort of) here.

As usual, Japan and Germany got this done way before, but still: cool!

Pirates of the Caribbean Shanghai Disneyland

This starts off pretty slowly but there are some quite impressive visual / model effects in this ride. The customer reactions on this Shanghai ride underscore it a little.

Bonus Video!

Get in the Boat!

A perhaps infinitely re-watchable 21 second video. This is what home video is like when your dad is a VFX designer. So great!

And there we go!

Happy Friday!