May 20th, 2016

Friday at last! And where I live we are finally getting some seasonal weather. Yay!

And now: the videos.


“From the creators of the Oscar-nominated short ‘A Single Life’ comes this animated story of a woman who, after finding out she can’t have children, kidnaps a young girl’s imaginary friend”

A clever, beautifully rendered short animated film.

Your Editing Lacks Continuity

This is quite the exercise. Each shot has a continuity error. After a couple minutes they begin to stack up on each other.

Nerdy funny. I like it.

Drive 2: The Uber Years

YouTuber Joey Thompson is a Ryan Gosling lookalike, so he made this satirical faux-trailer for Drive 2. I think it’s pretty funny.

Can You Hear Me In French?

This is a promo video for “Pilot” earphones, a device which discretely fits into your ear and can translate between English, French, Spanish and Italian. It launches in Autumn 2016.

This is quite the invention!

Bonus Video!

Matthew McConaughey Makes Noises

[self explanatory]

A collection of every grunt or other noise Mr. McConaughey has made throughout his career.


Have a happy Friday everybody! Enjoy your weekend.