May 27th, 2016

It is Friday, and where I am: it is finally warm outside. (Hot, even!)

So hooray for Friday! It must be time for some…


Drone Star Wars

Some amazing, amazing work from some clearly very talented drone pilots. Wow. Not bad as filmmaking goes either. Well done!

Tufts Commencement 2016: Hank Azaria Voices

Hank Azaria does several voices for the Simpsons, and chose to use some of them during his commencement address at Tufts University. Just great.

City of West Hollywood Automated Parking Garage

[self explanatory]

The future! It’s (sort of) here.

As usual, Japan and Germany got this done way before, but still: cool!

Pirates of the Caribbean Shanghai Disneyland

This starts off pretty slowly but there are some quite impressive visual / model effects in this ride. The customer reactions on this Shanghai ride underscore it a little.

Bonus Video!

Get in the Boat!

A perhaps infinitely re-watchable 21 second video. This is what home video is like when your dad is a VFX designer. So great!

And there we go!

Happy Friday!


May 20th, 2016

Friday at last! And where I live we are finally getting some seasonal weather. Yay!

And now: the videos.


“From the creators of the Oscar-nominated short ‘A Single Life’ comes this animated story of a woman who, after finding out she can’t have children, kidnaps a young girl’s imaginary friend”

A clever, beautifully rendered short animated film.

Your Editing Lacks Continuity

This is quite the exercise. Each shot has a continuity error. After a couple minutes they begin to stack up on each other.

Nerdy funny. I like it.

Drive 2: The Uber Years

YouTuber Joey Thompson is a Ryan Gosling lookalike, so he made this satirical faux-trailer for Drive 2. I think it’s pretty funny.

Can You Hear Me In French?

This is a promo video for “Pilot” earphones, a device which discretely fits into your ear and can translate between English, French, Spanish and Italian. It launches in Autumn 2016.

This is quite the invention!

Bonus Video!

Matthew McConaughey Makes Noises

[self explanatory]

A collection of every grunt or other noise Mr. McConaughey has made throughout his career.


Have a happy Friday everybody! Enjoy your weekend.


May 13th, 2016


The thirteenth!

Here we go.

Watch Ya’ Mouth

YouTuber Joe Santagato and his friends each put a… mouth… opener… thing in their mouths and the others try to guess the phrase the person is saying.

The video says it’s based on a concept by James Corden but I would probably watch these guys over him any day. Hiiiii-larious!

Insane 360 video of close-range tornado near Wray, CO yesterday!

I tend not to feature 360 videos just due to incompatibility across mobile, smart tvs, etc., but this is the first one of these that I feel allows for proper examination of the subject. This is already a knockout year for tornadoes and it’s only May. Yikes.

Most Shocking Second a Day Video

Produced by Save The Children, this is a particularly poignant take on the “1 second a day” videos that can be found on YouTube, but adding in the element of the Syrian refugee crisis. It’s devastating but very well done.

Sent in by Eva N.

To donate to Save The Children (specifically to help Syrian refugee children) click here.

Magnets and Marbles!

A clever ball-drop maze with the added tweak of having magnets and metal balls involved. Very cleverly done. I like it.

Bonus Video!

Star Wars – Episode V ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Homage (Title Sequence)

“The style and tone of the animation was inspired by the James Bond title sequences. The music was a rejected song from the newest Bond film, Spectre, sung by Radiohead.”


Enjoy the rest of your Friday everybody! See you next week.


May 6th, 2016

Welcome back.

It’s video time!

3 Mots Pour Paris (3 Words For Paris)

“3 Words for Paris in numbers, it looks like this:
– 90 000 referenced words
– 4500 shots in all Paris
– 15 shots per film
– 2 years of work

Wow! Some quite adventurous camera and editing work here. Stunning.

55 Generations of Sake: One Family’s Sacred Art

From the Great Big Story YouTube channel comes this mini-documentary about am 850 year old (!) sake brewing operation. Amazing.

Orchestrations of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy by Flow Machines

This is kind of amazing. “Flow Machines is a research project funded by the European Research Council (ERC) and coordinated by François Pachet.” In this video, an artificial intelligence instance “listens” to a variety of recordings and then based on what it “learned” from them, attempts to orchestrate Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” to match that style.

This video is just under a year old so I can only imagine they’ve maybe moved on to composition instead of just arrangement. Fascinating.

Building Hollywood’s Monsters By Hand

“Meet Tom Woodruff Jr. and Alec Gillis—they’ve been making movie monsters for Hollywood movies for the last 35 years at their company, Amalgamated Dynamics Inc.”

It feels like a dying art but this kind of careful fabrication still happens today. Some great, great work here.

Bonus Video!

The Force Awakens My 2 Year Old!

[self explanatory]


Happy Friday, everybody. See you next time.


P.S. I just naturally assume you all already saw the new Radiohead video. Right?