March 18th, 2016

Friday again!

Videos again…

How To Sharpen Pencils

“David Rees takes viewers through the delicate process of sharpening a pencil by hand.”

A funny, charming little video.

The Walk Of Life Project

For example:

“Hypothesis: ‘Walk Of Life’ by Dire Straits is the perfect song to end any movie”

This has been making the rounds and is one of the most oddly funny memes to come around in recent memory.

Sent in by many, many subscribers.

How to send an ‘E mail’ – Database – 1984

Database” was a tech tv show which ran on Thames TV in the UK in 1984.

Olllld tech doing exactly what your cellphone does today. Progress!

Donald Trump Says “China” – Bass Cover by Iggy Jackson Cohen

[self explanatory!]

Ridiculous! The guy’s definitely got talent though. 🙂

Bonus Video!

Pinball Number 12 Reanimated

A great re-creation of this mid-70’s Sesame Street gem. (Which has a great back-story too.)

This is pretty great. And now I feel a little older.

I hope your Friday has been fabulous. Welcome to (almost) Spring!

See you next week.