March 11th, 2016

Well hello everybody.

It’s Friday. Let’s get settled in here…

…okay! And now for some videos.

This Backyard Astronomer Has Discovered 300 Asteroids and Counting

Fantastic. Makes me want to buy a telescope.

Cruise Ship Turnaround: 10 Hours to Stock a City

“Royal Carribean Oasis of the Seas. It takes ten hours to supply the largest passenger ship between sailings. We show you in 90 seconds.”

What a crazy industry. Well shot. A little exhausting.

Sent in by Tamara L.

Girl Metal Casts Ring

While grammatically incorrect, the title kind of says it all. A dad teaches his daughter how to cast a ring out of pewter. That is badass! She also looks like she’s having a blast.

Forms In Nature: Understanding Our Universe

Some beautiful design and animation cycling through numerous examples of beautiful forms present in nature, and made by humans. I like.

Bonus Video!

Second Sound Barrier Trailer

This is one of the most ridiculous trailers I have ever seen.

And you’re welcome.

Happy Friday! See you next week.