February 26th, 2016

Friday! Hooraaayyy!

And it’s the last one of February. That was fast.


Playthings: Musical VR Playground

“Playthings is a VR music playground set on an island filled with cheeseburger drums and other junk-food instruments that you can really play with your own two hands.”

VR is still weird. 🙂 But this is also kind of cute.

Atlas, The Next Generation

From Boston Dynamics, creators of a variety of weird but functional automatons primarily for use in the military.

This is making the rounds. Kind of fascinating.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Replies to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

“In April 2015, the astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson accepted the National Academy of Science’s most prestigious award. His brilliant acceptance speech makes the argument for ensuring that science plays a big role in policymaking.”

Poignant and inspiring. Unexpected!

One of those days 3 – Candide Thovex

French professional skier Candide Thovex has what must be the most insane run of his career. Making the rounds and you can certainly see why. Phew!

Bonus Video!

Before they were famous, Oscar 2016 edition

The Oscars are this Sunday on ABC, and this is a quick retrospective of some early footage of the nominated actors and actresses. Mark Ruffalo: Holy crap.

And that’s this week all wrapped up!

Thanks for playing along at home, and see you next week.


February 19th, 2016

Hello Friday fans!

Are you ready? Here goes…

AxA – Austin by Air: An Aerial Documentary

A really beautifully shot video of one of my favorite American cities. Nicely done.

Sent along by Lois R.

RUN BABY RUN – a 3d printed animation

This again must have taken so much work… Great stuff. And just long enough!

Sophina DeJesus UCLA Floor 2016 vs Utah 9.925

Not your average gymnastics floor routine. Ms. DeJesus peppers her sequence with hip-hop moves like the whip, the nae nae, and the dabb. Killing it! (And that finish. Wow.)

Making the rounds, for obvious reasons. Sent in by Amanda C.

The Simpsons Movie References

[self explanatory]


Bonus Video!

Grandmaster Maurice Ashley plays trash talker in NYC park w/Tim Ferriss

If this was in a scripted movie I would not believe it. I love this video.

And there you go! Done! Complete! No more videos! 😉

See you next week everybody.


February 12th, 2016

Welcome to your Friday Videos. Make yourself comfortable!

Here we go…

TBS Vendetta – FPV RACER

a.k.a.: A crew of drone-flying professionals scale the Burj Khalifa. This is not for the faint of heart in terms of the bizarre camera angles they get. Well done.

History of Japan

This one is definitely making the rounds. (4.9 million views!) It’s goofy, but accurate and informative. And oddly tuneful.

Space Invaders in Real Life – Immersion

This is kind of hilarious, but technically impressive.

Coens 30

“30 years, 16 films.”

A retrospective of the films of Joel and Ethan Coen. Also: if you haven’t seen Hail Caesar yet you probably should. (My opinion.)

Bonus Video!

The Answers

“If you could get answers to every question you’ve ever had about your life, what would you ask?”

And that’s what I’ve got this week.

Thanks for tuning in!

Have a great (long?) weekend, and see you next Friday!


February 5th, 2016


And it’s Video time!

‘Full Metal Jacket’ as a Wes Anderson Movie

[self explanatory]

Pretty clever. It also seems to re-imagine the movie as a bit of an oddball comedy.

David Lynch interview from 1979

“Interview from 1979 with the then 33 year old Lynch, about the making of Eraserhead. The video was shot for a television-production class at UCLA.”

Yes indeed, David Lynch is a strange man. Talented, but strange.


“ENDLESS is a story about seeking and not finding.
It’s the mechanized routine.
It’s to get up, go to work, eat, fall in love, buy, throw, fall out of love, accept, sleep, wake up.
ENDLESS is a story about seeking and (not) finding.”

Mesmerizing. Wonderfully shot.

The Best Female Rock Climber In the World is 14 Years Old

…And her name is Ashima Shiraishi.

“The 14-year-old New York native started climbing boulders in Central Park when she was just six years old and hasn’t looked back since. Keep going Ashima!”

Bonus Video!


Watch a potter work his clay, only from the perspective of being on the wheel.

Caution: lots of spinning. 🙂 A weird perspective for sure but a neat idea.

See you next week!