November 20th, 2015


And we only have one more left in November.

Let’s get to it…

An Irishman In Vegas

Evan Griffin’s dad takes videos of his trip to Vegas with the camera pointing the wrong way for every shot.

This is most definitely making the rounds, but holy cow is it ever entertaining.

Cars On The Lanes

“For a long time, I thought about how to continue and expand the original idea. The musical translation of random patterns of nature or mankind. Since everything moves (from galaxies to atoms) and every moving pattern can be read as numbers or notes, then everything contains music.”

Created by Jarbas Agnelli. Clever…

Lawn Chair 2

“This film is the making of a lawn chair from milling the lumber to finishing the chair. The story is told with no dialogue through stop motion animation.”

This probably took (at least) weeks. Great work.

What It’s Really Like To Have Cancer

More inspiring than sad. Insightful.

Sent in by Cally L.

Bonus Video!

Movie Coach Super Speech

“No crying in baseball” indeed! Compiled by the superfans at Burger Fiction. Nicely done.

And that about wraps it up for this week.

See you next Friday everybody!