August 21st, 2015

Friday again. Pretty great right?

Videos!! We have some.

First Republican Debate Highlights: 2015

It’s the first Bad Lip Reading take on the republican debate and uh… phew. It is sheer lunacy. I love it.

As with every Bad Lip Reading video: it’s making the rounds. (1.98 million views as I was entering this.) Still worth every second.


“Visualization of nuclear detonations from 1945 to present.”


HMS2 Original Dollhouse – Miniature Bar

There is an amazing attention to the tiniest detail in this video. Really fantastic. Suggested by Miko C.

What Happens To Your Checked Luggage at the Airport

[self explanatory]

I don’t believe this video is telling the entire story, but it’s still pretty cool.

Bonus Video!

Adorable: We Have a (Cat) Situation!

Almost asĀ adorable as a miniature horse! (Almost!)

See you all next week!