June 5th, 2015

Happy June Friday everybody.

It’s Video time!

Timelapse Sisyphus 1

This is a time lapse produced by Bruce Shapiro from The Art Of Motion Control. There is more detail about how they achieved this particular effect here. These are really beautiful.

Wes Anderson’s “The Shining”

a.k.a.: The Grand Overlook Hotel

I guess that isn’t too much of a stretch. It works pretty well! This is making the rounds, but it’s also extremely satisfying.

Quentin Tarantino’s Best Visual Film References

[self explanatory]

Pretty great side-by-side comparisons.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow – A Portland Journey

“In ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow,’ we brought our cameras to the same position and angles of our favorite Portland historic images. We wondered, what’s changed? What’s remained the same? This ‘new’ Portland that is captivating national attention- how new is it really?”

This is really wonderfully executed.

Bonus Video!

Breaking Down The Chaos of a Mad Max Car Chase

Some great technical and editing analysis from the Verge.

Have a great weekend everybody. See you in seven days.