June 26th, 2015


It is Friday, and I for one am glad. I wish I was taking a trip. Not like this guy, but still, you know: a trip!

Here we go…

Demand A Plan To End Gun Violence

Pretty self explanatory, given recent events (And prior events, and events prior to that, etc.)

This is in support of the “Everytown for Gun Safety” campaign, which urges Americans to push for better gun control in light of so many mass killings from guns.

A good idea. Let’s see if it happens.

Jilguero dándose un baño (PIOLIN)

Translates to “A goldfinch takes a bath”. This is adorable.


Performed by Phillip (Pacman) Chbeeb and Renee Kester in L.A.’s Wilshire / Vermont subway station.

Beautiful, and extremely complicated.

Sent in by Maria L.

Endless Gravity

“Can watch at these ocean creatures endlessly. It’s like a live cosmos, unbelievable smooth moves, eternity and meditation. No single VFX used, this is magical nature.”


And finally, apropos of nothing…

Bonus Video!

Circa 1986-1987 Part Seven

Some throwback dance club people-watching from days of yore, presented free of context or explanation.

Sent along by Treena B. Well done. (And I feel very old.)

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Have a great weekend everybody, and we’ll see you in seven days!


June 19th, 2015

Welcome to Friday, and your Friday Videos.

Here we go!

First Aerobatic Flight Lea

This has been making the rounds and it is worth every damn second.

Robots Falling Down at DARPA Robotics Challenge

I watched it, and then I watched it again. It makes me laugh.

For those who are interested however, there is more detail to why this happened, given the complexity of the tasks these robots were expected to complete during the challenge. That’s worth a read. (And let’s check back in next year.)

Solidarités International – Water Ink

“To mark World Water Day, on March 22nd Solidarités International and its agency BDDP Unlimited will roll out a campaign to build awareness of the scourge of undrinkable water. ”

This is amazing and very poignant.

How Do You Distinguish Americans?

Some interviews of people in a few countries asking how they can spot Americans. I find the specifics of the details some of these people focus on to be interesting. (Short sleeves?)

Bonus Video!

Digital Vintage: The Computer Collector

“Ever wonder what the iPhone’s grandparents looked like? Chances are Lonnie Mimms has one in the massive collection of vintage computers he keeps outside of Atlanta.”

This is making the rounds. This is a pretty obsessive collector.

Okay one more because it’s super short:

John Coffey catching a beer like a boss!

John Coffey is a band from Holland.

Well that about wraps it up for this week. See you all again in seven days!



June 12th, 2015

Welcome to Friday!

And I sure hope it’s sunny and warm where you are.

Let’s go!

100 Places Of Dance

“I did the same dance routine in 100 different locations”

Yes. Yes he did.

Berlin 1900 in colour!!!!

Also: four exclamation points!

No notes anywhere as to the source, the method of colorization, etc. But it’s still lovely.

Real GTA

A camera crew and effects team shoot in real life what the game Grand Theft Auto would possibly look like.

Some pretty inventive camera work here.

R-Kaid-R – The Portable Arcade System

Caution, it costs $3000 USD. You can probably build your own version of this for much less. But I like the style of this.

From Japan. Of course.

Bonus Video!

Tilting The Streets of San Francisco

A pretty fun little short. I like it.

See you next week!


June 5th, 2015

Happy June Friday everybody.

It’s Video time!

Timelapse Sisyphus 1

This is a time lapse produced by Bruce Shapiro from The Art Of Motion Control. There is more detail about how they achieved this particular effect here. These are really beautiful.

Wes Anderson’s “The Shining”

a.k.a.: The Grand Overlook Hotel

I guess that isn’t too much of a stretch. It works pretty well! This is making the rounds, but it’s also extremely satisfying.

Quentin Tarantino’s Best Visual Film References

[self explanatory]

Pretty great side-by-side comparisons.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow – A Portland Journey

“In ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow,’ we brought our cameras to the same position and angles of our favorite Portland historic images. We wondered, what’s changed? What’s remained the same? This ‘new’ Portland that is captivating national attention- how new is it really?”

This is really wonderfully executed.

Bonus Video!

Breaking Down The Chaos of a Mad Max Car Chase

Some great technical and editing analysis from the Verge.

Have a great weekend everybody. See you in seven days.