May 29th, 2015

Here it is, everybody. The last Friday of May 2015. A sad farewell to this extremely Springy month.

And now: some videos!

Predator: Dark Ages

A fan film (a fan film!) that tells a story of the Predator alien if he had landed during the crusades. Really well done.

Kilian Martin: Searching Sirocco

This amazing freestyle boarded puts his skills to the test in a variety of inhospitable locations. Beautiful work here, and very well shot and edited.

Every Hitchcock Cameo Ever

[self explanatory]

Seinfeld: The Leaning Susan

“A full-length, original episode of Seinfeld. The show features uncanny portrayals of the central characters, 90s commercial parodies, and original Seinfeld standup. Even Susan is back. Yes, that Susan.”

These guys wrote, rehearsed and performed this episode many times before shooting it for YouTube. It’s making the rounds but I respect the effort for sure.

And finally:

Bonus Video!

Animal Sound Man

[very much self explanatory]


Thanks for watching!

See you next week.


May 22nd, 2015

And we’re back! It’s Friday again.

You know what that means…

Kenichi Kanazawa: Colour Sound

“Musician Kenichi Kanazawa creating sand art via vibrations on his special table. The coloured sand takes shape as the vibration frequencies fluctuate”

Really cool. There are a few of these videos out there, but this one is interesting to me in the methods used to create specific patterns.

Sent in by Cassie P.

Time-lapse Mining from Internet Photos [SIGGRAPH 2015]

Take any popular photographic subject, automagically search the web for sequential images covering a specific date range, turn the resulting publicly-available images into a time-lapse sequence.

Simple, really. 🙂

The Orson Welles Show with Jim Henson and the Muppets, 1979

“Unaired pilot from 1979. Legendary film director and actor Orson Welles hosts with guests Jim Henson, Frank Oz and the Muppets, as well as Burt Reynolds and Angie Dickinson.”

Crazy! I had no idea this existed.

Also: Orson Welles would have celebrated his 100th birthday on May 6th.

Lilly // Toro Y Moi

A video of a new song from this chilled indie artist. A good song, and a decidedly odd video.

Bonus Video!

The Garden Ape

Adorable. And a little weird.

And there’s your Friday all wrapped up!

See you next week, Friday people!


May 15th, 2015

Where all my Friday people at??!

Let’s go…

My son(5year old) acting Bruce Lee’s nunchaku scene

Amazing! No seriously: Amazing!

LEaKeD TesT footagE frOM seiNfelD RemaSter In hiGh-defiNiTiON

This is actually an “auto widened” episode of the TV show Seinfeld. It’s weird.

I have no idea what is even going on here.

This channel owner has also done this with The Simpsons and X-Files.

…Very odd.

Discovered via

Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment: Sunday Candy

(I know, who is “Donnie Trumpet“?) This is a pretty incredible one-take music video. Must have taken weeks of rehearsals. The song is pretty great too. Well done.


“TURNS is a portrait of master woodturner Steven Kennard.”

I like.

Bonus Video!

One-man band! Musician plays every part of 70-person orchestra and films symphony from his bedroom

“Ben Morfitt, 24, from Yorkshire, has made an astounding video of his one-man orchestra performance using computer generated imagery, where he plays every instrument going.”

Crazy! Must have taken weeks / months.

And there are your Friday Videos!

See you in seven days!


May 8th, 2015

Friday’s back in town. And this summer, he’s takin’ care of business…

Uh…. right! Videos time!

Berlin in July 1945

“Fascinating moving pictures in color show the situation of the city in summer 1945, just after the Second World War and the capitulation of Germany. Daily life after years of war.”

70 years ago now.

Muppets Tonight: The Artist Formerly Known as Prince – “Starfish and Coffee”

This is one of the very few videos of Prince available on YouTube at all, so I don’t expect it to still be up even a few weeks after this posting. Enjoy.

Also: this is a track of the 1987 album “Sign O’ The Times” which I strongly recommend also.

Son Lux: Change Is Everything

Some very detailed information on how this was executed is available here.

Sent along by Armand S.

The Important Places

“Save the Important Places. Protect the Grand Canyon and other wild rivers.”

As you might expect: quite beautiful.

Bonus Video!


Short, concise, to the point.

I lol’d.

Have a great, great weekend everybody!


May 1st, 2015

Friday again! Pretty exciting.

Before I begin I should mention that I haven’t linked to any Vine videos mostly because this started as a slightly longer-format video compilation list. But I respect that there are some of them out there. So here’s the first one I chose to link to:

She’s a little kooky, no?

Let’s see how long before that’s taken down though (the other reason I haven’t linked to one prior to today.)

Also: whatever this one is doing = thumbs up.

But what do you think? Vine? No Vine? Instagram videos? You can post a comment on the website (and you might be the first non-spammer to do so.)

The Big Max – McDonald’s “Create Your Taste” Kiosk

“Made the maximum burger possible, using McDonald’s “Create Your Taste” Kiosk.”

I’ll say! Holy crap it looks ridiculous. Nice tomatoes though. (Surprisingly)

Oldest Footage of London Ever

[self explanatory]

“This collection of footage was taken between 1890 and 1920 and shows various places around London, all identifiable by location on a map.”


“This movie was shot during our 20 days trip to Antarctica in December 2014 to January 2015.”

Stunning. Breathtaking.

Shawn Wasabi: Marble Soda (live mashup)

In the description for this video, he lists 153 sample sources. That is crazy! He’s good. This was my introduction to him but he has several more videos on his channel. Great stuff.

Bonus Video!

The Backwards Brain Bicycle – Smarter Every Day 133

This is an odd thing to watch. Also: They could have re-titled the video “Terrible user interface design.” It’s making the rounds but it’s kind of cool, so here it is.

Have a great Friday everybody!

See you next week.