Apr. 10th, 2015

Friday! Phew. We made it.

It must be video time!

» Bustin


Another insane… mashup? “reimagining”? Remix? From Neil Cicierega.
P.S. Some of you may have also missed this odd stroke of genius as well. (From a couple weeks back.)

» Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbors

Everyone's Upstairs Neighbors

“This is what your upstairs neighbors are really up to.”
As someone currently living in a basement apartment, this is relevant to my interests… 😉
Sent along by Ashy T.



“This is the official SUNDAYS VFX breakdown from the PostPanic Pictures headquarters in Amsterdam. Produced primarily by the in-house specialist CG team at PostPanic, the breakdown also contains elements from guest contributors worldwide who supported on the post side.”
This is an effects reel for the online short Sundays.
I know I probably shouldn’t be “blown away” by the current state of CGI effects in 2015 but holy cow there is some amazing work being done lately.

» Sears 1981 Tele-Shop Catalog laserdisc

Sears 1981 Tele-Shop Catalog laserdisc

“One of the holy grails of laserdiscs, this was sent out to people who had sent in the registration cards for the Pioneer VP-1000 laserdisc player, Pioneer’s first US player. This was supposed to be the future of catalog shopping but was the only edition released.”
I had never heard of this. What a bizarre concept. Must have cost a fortune at the time.
Making the rounds. Thanks to the numerous subscribers who sent this in.

Bonus Video:

» Nev Plays With Car Sounds: Beat Factory

Nev Plays With Car Sounds: Beat Factory

“I collaborated with Toyota to turn the sounds of real cars being made into an original track. The sounds I used are straight from Toyota manufacturing plants in Kentucky and Mississippi, and have been paired with gifs showcasing the creation of a car from start to finish.”
That’s pretty abstract. Technology!

Have a great weekend, Friday people!