Feb. 6th, 2015


Also there are now 43 shopping days until Spring. Hurry!

To the videos!

» Evolution of the Dolly Zoom

Evolution of the Dolly Zoom

“The Dolly Zoom is a camera shot made famous in Alfred Hitchcock’s VERTIGO (1958). It was invented by cameraman Irmin Roberts to visually convey the feeling of agoraphobia by zooming in with the lens while simultaneously dollying backwards the entire camera…or vice versa.”
This is a cool little collection of some of these iconic shots.

» 75 million Americans don’t have internet. Here’s what it’s like.

75 million Americans don't have internet. Here's what it's like.

“If you’re reading this, you probably take the Internet for granted. It’s on your phone and in your home. But some 75 million Americans aren’t so lucky: They’re completely off the digital grid.”
In 2015 this is kind of startling.

» CYGNUS Immersive Light Installation Performance/MARKA 2014 International Brand Conference

CYGNUS Immersive Light Installation Performance/MARKA 2014 International Brand Conference

“CYGNUS is one of the rare conceptual light performances staged in Istanbul to date.”
(… Not that I’m aware of just how many “conceptual light performances” take place in Istanbul… 😉 )

» Chicago toccata & fugue

Chicago toccata & fugue

“The City of Chicago becomes a light show to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.Toccata and fugue in D-minor.”
I suppose anything becomes more dramatic with this music behind it. Chicago is beautiful though…

Bonus Video:

» We Used to be Friends – Ep. 1

We Used to be Friends - Ep. 1

“Simultaneously experience every episode from Season 1 of the sitcom ‘Friends’.”
And it’s only 22 minutes long.
Jarring, to say the least. Can you pick out any individual moments here?
Making the rounds.

Have a great weekend everybody.