Sep. 26th, 2014

I hate to break it to you, but this is the last Friday in September 2014.

But it’s going to be okay! Because: videos!

» Repeat Stuff

Repeat Stuff
One of the best anti-marketing things I think I’ve seen so far.
And it’s making the rounds. Thanks to all who recommended it.

» Entangled

“Forced to care for her catatonic lover Malcolm after a secret quantum experiment goes awry, Erin is determined to uncover the cause of his condition — even at the risk of her own life.”
A great short film, and a part of TIFF Short Cuts.
Only available for “a limited time” so see it while you can.

» Joni Mitchell sings the songs of Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell sings the songs of Joni Mitchell
Recognizing that this may not be for everybody, I think this is worth a look anyway. This is Joni Mitchell on the BBC in mid-1970. Quite early in her career. If you stay just for the guitar playing alone you’re getting a lot of impressive musicianship.
Sent along by Lisa C.

» Ferrets playing in packing peanuts

Ferrets playing in packing peanuts
“Simon and Garfunkel, our 2 ferrets, playing for the first time in packing peanuts.”
This may be infinitely re-watchable. 🙂

Bonus Video:

» Choreography magic Dash Cam, stamped on

Choreography magic Dash Cam, stamped on
That’s a (slightly improved) Google translation of the original Korean title on YouTube.
The widespread use of dashcams is kind of amazing to me, precisely for stuff like this.

Happy, happy Friday everybody. Enjoy your weekend.