May 9th, 2014


At last.

Ssssoooo here we go…

» Please Use This Song (Jon Lajoie)

Please Use This Song (Jon Lajoie)
Sent in by many subscribers, and I was initially not sure, but this is a pretty great song. Addictive.

» Bottle

“Animated on location at a beach, in snow, and underwater, this stop-motion short details a transoceanic conversation between two characters via objects in a bottle.”
Kind of adorable.

» Chess Clock Jenga

Chess Clock Jenga
“We’ve invented a new game: Chess Clock Jenga. It’s… well, it’s Jenga with a chess clock, but you probably worked that out already.”
This is a strangely intense video. Fun!


This is a mesmerizing video. Good song also.

Bonus Video:

» presents The Game of Thrones Sitcom presents The Game of Thrones Sitcom
“The opening credits to the greatest show that never was.”
Suggested by Kathryn H.

How about that? Another Friday Videos – complete.

Now go out there and kick some ass!

Happy Friday!