Mar. 28th, 2014


And finally: some videos. Let’s go!

» Imagination Series: Room 8 (3 of 5)

Imagination Series: Room 8 (3 of 5)
This is a great, great short film.
“Room 8 is one of five films based on the same script that formed part of Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series 2012.”
Directed by James W Griffiths.
Hat tip to Bonnie P. and Richard R.

» Dance on the circle.

Dance on the circle.
“Mikhail SADOVNIKOV (Russia), clay, pottery wheel, music, improvisation…”
This is mesmerizing. Beautiful.

» This Is a Generic Brand Video

This Is a Generic Brand Video
This has been making the rounds but it’s definitely worth a look.
“This Is a Generic Brand Video is a generic brand video of ‘This Is a Generic Brand Video,’ written by Kendra Eash for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. No surprise, it’s made entirely with stock footage.”

» Crazy Furniture

Crazy Furniture
Created by Immortal Arts, and kind of freaky.
“it was that much fun playin arround with the benchmark classroom and octane that i built my own – little more detailed – complete new classroom for some playarrounds…”

Bonus Video:

» The Making of Neon Signs

The Making of Neon Signs
“Get to know how neon signs are made as the masters go through the production processes from design, tube bending, gas filling and more.”

Happy, Happy Friday!