Mar. 21st, 2014

Friday again. But better!

Before we begin, I have a challenge. I only made it through thirty seconds ofthis awful video. How long will you last? (Please: no wagering.)

But now! To the videos!!1!

» 1001 Movies You Must See (Before You Die)

1001 Movies You Must See (Before You Die)
“Based on Steven Jay Schneider’s incredible book series, this video contains 215 extra titles as well. This epic little monster took me one year to the date to finish.”
Expertly done.
Sent in by Traci T.

» Neil Degrasse Tyson [SLOW MOTION]

Neil Degrasse Tyson [SLOW MOTION]
We can now refer to him as Neil Degrasse High-son, now. (amirite?)
Making the rounds. And funny.
(See also: Slow Judge Judy)

» Phil Martelli’s 4-Year-Old Grandson Coaches

Phil Martelli's 4-Year-Old Grandson Coaches
[self explanatory]
I think it’s cute that Martelli mimics everything the kid does…

» Compilation

These look amazing. This is a collection of shots of several wind-powered automated walking machines being set off along a beach somewhere. They look incredibly intricate, and chaotic, and so beautiful.

Bonus Video:

» The Tiptree Sneeze

The Tiptree Sneeze
a.k.a.: What happens when one of your orchestra’s trombonists sneezes.
Making the rounds – but funny.

Have a happy, happy Friday everybody.