Jan. 10th, 2014

Friday has returned… [thunder]

Video time!

» $20 Homeless Backpack Care Kit

$20 Homeless Backpack Care Kit
[self explanatory]
Especially with the insane winter weather we’re having this year… Worth a look.

» Ylvis – Intelevator

Ylvis - Intelevator
“Episodes 1-4 of the intelevator by Ylvis (English Subtitles)”
These guys are very good.

» Shaking Through: Lushlife

Shaking Through: Lushlife
“Shaking Through is a documentary series about the Birth of a Song. Each year we give 10 awesome independent musicians a challenge: Record one song in two days. First take to final mix. No extensions. No safety net.”
Great idea. An excellent little short film about this project.

» Visualtraveling – Arirang

Visualtraveling - Arirang
“Two minutes of the lovely vocals of ‘The XX’ parallel to the most on sync choreographed performance known as the Arirang Festival was the best I could come up with the few shots I had from my recent visit to North Korea.”
Crazy. Beautiful.

Happy, happy Friday everybody!