Jun. 21st, 2013

First Friday of Summer 2013 – Welcome!!

Let’s get to it…

» Ill Submarine – The Beastles

Ill Submarine - The Beastles

“Audio mixed by dj BC. Video by Thriftshop XL. From the album “Ill Submarine” coming June 2013.”
Amazing. This has been in the works for many years now. I like. Get it before antiquated copyright lawyers ruin everything (again).

» A Kinetic Mind

A Kinetic Mind

“a dreamscape about the life and work of Anthony Howe.”



“Directed and animated by Laura Sicouri”
I love the Internet for things like this.



“Personal Work. ‘INSPIRATION’. All made in After effects, illustrator and Photoshop.”
Very cleverly done.

Bonus Video:

» What if the senfeld theme was slowed down 1200%?

What if the senfeld theme was slowed down 1200%?

The theme from Seinfeld, slowed way down.
Also see this video from a few years back, which did the same thing to a Justin Bieber song.
I find this phenomenon fascinating.

Have a very Happy Friday!