Jun. 28th, 2013

I dunno about you, but I am pretty happy it’s Friday.

And a long weekend (for me.)

And summer… (etc.)

Here we go!

» No, I’m not going to the world cup.

No, I'm not going to the world cup.

“Twitter: @CarlaDauden / Instagram: carla_dauden This video was recorded right before the recent protests started, but with all of this going on, it becomes even more evident that the World Cup and the Olympics should not be our priority. The world has to know about what’s really going on.”
No kidding! This is a really clear, concise description of what’s actually going on in Brasil.

» Flavorwire: 50 Great Movies You Can (Legally) Watch for Free Right Now

Flavorwire: 50 Great Movies You Can (Legally) Watch for Free Right Now

[self explanatory]
A great collection here. Good if you have several hours to kill.

» Is Math a Feature of the Universe or a Feature of Human Creation? | Idea Channel | PBS

Is Math a Feature of the Universe or a Feature of Human Creation? | Idea Channel | PBS

“Math is invisible. Unlike physics, chemistry, and biology we can’t see it, smell it, or even directly observe it in the universe. And so that has made a lot of really smart people ask, does it actually even EXIST?!?!”
This is another PBS short, of which there have been a few really good ones lately. I like.

» FaceMashups: Jack Nicholson & Tom Cruise

FaceMashups: Jack Nicholson & Tom Cruise

“A role reversal in a classic scene from A Few Good Men…”
Holy cow, I lol’d.
The creators of this also recently released this little gem with Jennifer Lawrence and Jonah Hill.

Bonus Video:

» Alphabetical 26-Genre Song

Alphabetical 26-Genre Song

“We hadn’t heard of a lot of these either.”
No kidding. These guys ram through 26 different musical genres, one for each letter of the alphabet. Funny.

Have a brilliant Friday.


Jun. 21st, 2013

First Friday of Summer 2013 – Welcome!!

Let’s get to it…

» Ill Submarine – The Beastles

Ill Submarine - The Beastles

“Audio mixed by dj BC. Video by Thriftshop XL. From the album “Ill Submarine” coming June 2013.”
Amazing. This has been in the works for many years now. I like. Get it before antiquated copyright lawyers ruin everything (again).

» A Kinetic Mind

A Kinetic Mind

“a dreamscape about the life and work of Anthony Howe.”



“Directed and animated by Laura Sicouri”
I love the Internet for things like this.



“Personal Work. ‘INSPIRATION’. All made in After effects, illustrator and Photoshop.”
Very cleverly done.

Bonus Video:

» What if the senfeld theme was slowed down 1200%?

What if the senfeld theme was slowed down 1200%?

The theme from Seinfeld, slowed way down.
Also see this video from a few years back, which did the same thing to a Justin Bieber song.
I find this phenomenon fascinating.

Have a very Happy Friday!


Jun. 14th, 2013

Friday is here again!

This is maybe my favorite Friday videos so far this year.

Let’s go!

» A supercell near Booker, Texas

A supercell near Booker, Texas

“It took four years but I finally got it. A rotating supercell. And not just a rotating supercell, but one with insane structure and amazing movement.”
No kidding! Wow.
Sent in by Ashleigh T.

» Jon Lovett l 2013 Pitzer College Commencement Keynote — May 18, 2013

Jon Lovett l 2013 Pitzer College Commencement Keynote -- May 18, 2013

“President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s former speechwriter Jon Lovett shares life lessons about authenticity, integrity and fighting ‘the culture of bullshit’ at the 2013 Pitzer College Commencement on May 18.”
This was sent in to me by many subscribers and I strongly recommend it. Not many things will make me laugh out loud. This one did, several times. The man is funny.

» Blade Runner

Blade Runner

“Deleted and alternate scenes are chronologically arranged 2007”
If you’re a fan of Blade Runner, this is highly, highly recommended. Amazing work.

» Interview with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem about how to deal with Failure

Interview with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem about how to deal with Failure

“I really liked this interview about failure and how to deal with it. It’s no longer online at it’s original source, so I uploaded it here so that others could enjoy it.”
I love James Murphy. I miss LCD Soundsystem. Recommended.

Bonus Video:

» The Beck’s Edison Bottle

The Beck's Edison Bottle

“The first playable beer. 19th Century technology meets 21st Century music over a bottle of beer in the latest extension to the Beck’s Record Label project.”
Making the rounds.
This project received a standing ovation when it was unveiled. Crazy!

Happy Friday everybody!


Jun. 7th, 2013

Yayyyy Friday!

Here we go…

» Patton Oswalt In The Coup’s ‘The Magic Clap’

Patton Oswalt In The Coup's 'The Magic Clap'

“Patton Oswalt explains ‘The Magic Clap’ by The Coup from the new album ‘Sorry To Bother You,’ out now!”
A little bit of insanity for your Friday afternoon…
Sent in by Ashy T.

» Dan Black feat. Kelis

Dan Black feat. Kelis

“24 hours human timelapse, shot on a roof in Paris for 24 hours non-stop, 1 frame every 16 seconds, from 11am till 11am.”
It’s kind of mesmerizing.
Sent along by Jenni W.

» animation tutorial part. 1 AKA

animation tutorial part. 1 AKA

“short character animation tutorial for every level that explains clearly the secret for a great acting performance”
Sent in by Bonnie P.



“Documentary on Argentinian artist Irina Werning whose Back to the Future project went viral on the internet, made using footage from Irina’s personal archive of the project in which she painstakingly recreates people cherished old photo’s.”
Key word being “painstakingly.” These are great.

Have a lovely Friday, and a great, warm, beautiful weekend.