Jan. 18th, 2013

How did it already get to be late-January?!?! Is it just me? Ridiculous.

Time for some visual entertainment…

» THE NFL: A Bad Lip Reading

THE NFL: A Bad Lip Reading

As most of you know: I looooove Bad Lip Reading. I think that guy is fantastic.
This is, again, amazing.
“I want cake now!”
Sent in by many, many subscribers. Well done.



A fairly impressive segment of a much larger piece which is still in progress. Well done.

» Fresh Prince: Google Translated | cdza Opus No. 16

Fresh Prince: Google Translated | cdza Opus No. 16

“In the geekiest experiment ever, CDZA co-founder Joe Sabia shows us what happens when we translate the lyrics of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air through every language in Google Translate (64 times), and then taking what remains and translating it BACK into English.”
Nerdy? Yes. Funny: I think so.
This one has gone viral so apologies to those who have not yet seen it. I liked it, and so did many of you.

» Not Pacman

Not Pacman

Caution: May cause mild sea-sickness. A crazy adaptation of the classic arcade game.

Bonus Video:

» Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank

Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank

A pretty funny, creative idea. Great reactions.
Definitely making the rounds.
Sent in by Kevin K.

Happy Friday Again, my Friday people. Have a great weekend.