Jan. 25th, 2013

Happy end-of-January Friday everybody!

Video time…

» Around The World (Rémi Gaillard)

Around The World (Rémi Gaillard)

A playful, fun little video.
Sent in by Kyrsten G.

» President Obama – 5 Years – Presidial.org

President Obama - 5 Years - Presidial.org

A photo a day (or as close as possible) for the past 5 years of Obama’s presidency.
A tiny bit depressing to see how little time it takes to turn a lot of hair grey.

» The Jon Brion Show – Feat. Elliot Smith / Brad Mehldau (’00)

The Jon Brion Show - Feat. Elliot Smith / Brad Mehldau ('00)

This one is making the rounds and I’m a little split on it but I’m posting it anyway.
I am a huge Jon Brion fan. Very distinctive producer. Elliot Smith was a great songwriter and I liked some of his albums a lot.
But I think it’s easy to see why this show did not get off the ground. It feels like I’m awkwardly checking out a very early draft of the show. Still interesting.
Also: not enough Brad Mehldau. 🙂 I would have been interested in an interview with him about this.
Sent in by many subscribers. Thank you.



Making the rounds. Sent in by many. Worth a peek.

Bonus Video:

» The People vs. Winter

The People vs. Winter

“Ice-induced pavement pile-up’s, out of control vehicles, winter wipeouts and a smattering of death defiers. Nobody was hurt in the making of this video apart from the people who were hurt. ”
Go winter-fighting people!!

Have a great weekend.


Jan. 18th, 2013

How did it already get to be late-January?!?! Is it just me? Ridiculous.

Time for some visual entertainment…

» THE NFL: A Bad Lip Reading

THE NFL: A Bad Lip Reading

As most of you know: I looooove Bad Lip Reading. I think that guy is fantastic.
This is, again, amazing.
“I want cake now!”
Sent in by many, many subscribers. Well done.



A fairly impressive segment of a much larger piece which is still in progress. Well done.

» Fresh Prince: Google Translated | cdza Opus No. 16

Fresh Prince: Google Translated | cdza Opus No. 16

“In the geekiest experiment ever, CDZA co-founder Joe Sabia shows us what happens when we translate the lyrics of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air through every language in Google Translate (64 times), and then taking what remains and translating it BACK into English.”
Nerdy? Yes. Funny: I think so.
This one has gone viral so apologies to those who have not yet seen it. I liked it, and so did many of you.

» Not Pacman

Not Pacman

Caution: May cause mild sea-sickness. A crazy adaptation of the classic arcade game.

Bonus Video:

» Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank

Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank

A pretty funny, creative idea. Great reactions.
Definitely making the rounds.
Sent in by Kevin K.

Happy Friday Again, my Friday people. Have a great weekend.


Jan. 11th, 2013

Friday is heeeeeere!!!!! [running!]

Join me won’t you?

» 2012 a year on my lid, in Highland Park MI

2012 a year on my lid, in Highland Park MI

“I put together a bunch of clips from some of the better helmet cam footage I got this year while fighting fires in Highland Park [Micihigan]. I had to replace several lens’s and a couple mounts throughout the year, so the camera was not always on my helmet.”
Sent in by Carla H.

» Flowers Timelapse

Flowers Timelapse

“Flowers Timelapse compilation (Amaryllis, Lilies, Zygocactus, Rose, Gladiolus, Gardenia) I took more than 7100 photos in more than 730 hours”

» Star Wars: Hard of Hearing Vader

Star Wars: Hard of Hearing Vader

“Darth Vader can’t hear very well in that suit.”
Suggested by Hannah J.

» Moving Blocks [Minecraft Stop-Motion]

Moving Blocks [Minecraft Stop-Motion]

This is this guy’s first ever stop-motion attempt. Not bad at all.

Bonus Video:

» Bloor Street (Exclusive from Toronto)

Bloor Street (Exclusive from Toronto)

This was sent in by many subscribers, so here it is. It’s an odd little video. Enjoy!

Have a most excellent Friday, and a stupendous weekend.


Jan. 4th, 2013

Happy New Year, Friday Video folks!

Here are the first Friday Videos for 2013…

» Gag Reel – Star Trek

Gag Reel - Star Trek

This is a gag reel included in the new Star Trek The Next Generation Season 2 Blu-ray set.
I lol’d.

» This Must Be The Place

This Must Be The Place

“Prime Burger Restaurant, in Midtown Manhattan For many of the guys that work here, the restaurant is like a second home – some of them have been slinging burgers, making shakes, and waiting on customers at this location for decades. Opened in 1938, the place hasn’t been altered since the early ’60s, and it looks all the better for it.”
I think I need to visit this establishment.
A poignant, quiet little portrait of this resilient downtown Manhattan diner.

» Les Twins Dancing To Edit Ants

Les Twins Dancing To Edit Ants

This is not a new video but it was recommended over the holidays and it does not disappoint.
If you search for “Les Twins” on Youtube you will find numerous other videos but I like that this is a sort of impromptu, spontaneous event. Beautiful.

» A unique pair of pistols.

A unique pair of pistols.

“The only known pair of matching singing bird pistols attributed to Frères Rochat, Geneva, circa 1820”
“Dated from 1820, this pair of pistols is a unique object, which should exceed $ 5 million under the hammer…”
This is one of the craziest things I think I’ve seen in a while. Bizarre but fascinating.

Bonus Video:

» Media Burn Archive – Wired In raw #28: Bally/Midway #1

Media Burn Archive - Wired In raw #28: Bally/Midway #1

“Raw footage for ‘Wired In,’ a never completed series on the technological trends and innovations of the 1980s. In this video, we watch as Bally Midway factory employees go through the intricate process of assembling Ms. Pac Man Arcade games. Jarocki / Bally #1.”
A cool little segment, in my opinion.
P.S.: I now feel old(er).

Have a great weekend everybody. See you in a week!