Dec. 23rd. 2011

Twas the night before the night before xmas…

And here are some videos. (Rhyme…? Anyone…?)

» Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

It’s the entire 1964 show. It’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen.
Sent in my James L. What an odd discovery!

» VideoGum: The Best Viral Videos Of 2011

VideoGum: The Best Viral Videos Of 2011

This should keep everyone occupied for several hours. 🙂

» Best Singer Ever – Whistler Re-Dub

Best Singer Ever - Whistler Re-Dub

Sent in by Kate S.

» Snow Globe Los Angeles

Snow Globe Los Angeles

Really beautifully shot.

Bonus Video:

» Granpa Shuffelin’

Granpa Shuffelin'

Sent in by a few subscribers.

Happy Holidays everybody!