Nov. 11th, 2011

Well whaddya know: Friday!

Video time!

» A Year in New York

A Year in New York

Photographed by Andrew Clancy.

» Cyriak: Welcome To Kitty City

Cyriak: Welcome To Kitty City

He’s back. And still insane.

» Dubstep – performed solo a-cappella

Dubstep - performed solo a-cappella

By a street performer In Milan, Italy.
Pretty impressive. No outside effects used either.

» Carving The Mountains

Carving The Mountains

“Con la chicas de Longboard Girls Crew”

Bonus Video:

» Think You Know How to Use Photoshop?

Think You Know How to Use Photoshop?

In which YouTube member DrLaught creates a photorealistic image of a woman, 100% from scratch, in Photoshop.
This is pretty incredible.

Have a great Friday.

There are now 44 shopping days until Xmas. You’re welcome.