Aug. 19th, 2011

Friday again. Right on time.

» 25 Greatest Unscripted Scenes in Films

25 Greatest Unscripted Scenes in Films

[self explanatory]
Well done!



“A collaborative stop motion sculpture”.
A really creative venture. Must have taken quite a bit of planning to pull off.
Sent in by many subscribers.

» Be Near Me

Be Near Me

“A short love story in 1 minute 20 seconds based on a Tennyson poem.”
Created by John X. Carey.

» 8 Hours In Brooklyn

8 Hours In Brooklyn

“All footage was shot within an 8 hour span in Brooklyn, NYC.”
Some great stuff here from director Jonathan Bregel.

Bonus Video:

» The Sounds Of Silence

The Sounds Of Silence

A whoooole lot of instances of someone in a movie crying “Silence!!”. It becomes hypnotic after a while.

I hope your weekend is fantastic.