Jul. 29th, 2011

Friday! Yaaaaay!

Who’s with me?

Let’s watch some videos!

» The Village

The Village

Really charming use of tilt-shift photography to make a real-live village look like a tiny toy-village. Nicely done.
P.S. Is it just me or is “tilt-shift” going to feel really dated really soon?

» 2D Photography Rube Goldberg

2D Photography Rube Goldberg

Crazy! 2D Photography is a company located in Toronto. Well done.

» Harry Potter: “Big Beat Repeat” Music Video

Harry Potter:

If Harry Potter were a teen comedy, its trailer might look like this. Really well done.

» His Girl Friday – Between The Lines Edit

His Girl Friday - Between The Lines Edit

“A radically shortened version of “his girl friday” (1940, with Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell) – all the action without the dialogue – hard cuts for sound and picture only – strictly in chronological order”
It’s 8:26 long. 🙂 Hilarious.
Also: why?!

Bonus Video:

» Banned Calvin Klein Ads (1995)

Banned Calvin Klein Ads (1995)

[self explanatory]
Possibly nsfw.

Have a great Friday everybody.