Jul. 8th, 2011

Friday at last. Am I right?

Here are some videos for you, three of which are brought to you by the letter “L”.

» 8,000 Paper Lanterns

8,000 Paper Lanterns

These were released in Poznań, Poland to celebrate the recent summer solstice. This looks really cool.

» Looks That Kill – Preview Video

Looks That Kill - Preview Video

A preview for a forthcoming book + dvd set. Really clever animation with impeccable style.

» Little Mermaid vs. Transformers 3

Little Mermaid vs. Transformers 3

A really well-done mashup of trailers. Funny!

» Lernert & Sander’s Natural Beauty

Lernert & Sander's Natural Beauty

A model endures a year’s worth of makeup in one sitting.
Sent in by Ashy

Bonus Video:



This looks bizarre!
Sent in by Jennidub.

Have a happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend.